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This section of our papers comprises a number of papers, including a set of Information leaflets in other languages. 


The papers which are available to download where the "pdf" symbol is shown - if you would like to obtain a copy of any of the other papers then please request these using the request button, or by calling us at the number given above.


The full list of all the papers available under each section can be seen in our Publications List & Order Form. Whereas many of these papers are free to family members of the Society, a small charge is made for some of the papers to cover our reproduction costs. 

Importance of Genetic Counselling

by Barbara Carmichael, Genetics Nurse Counsellor.

Fragile X genetics: Patient information leaflets in different languages

For those seeking information about Fragile X in other languages, the following 'Fragile X Genetics Patients Information' sheets prepared by London IDEAS Genetic Knowledge Park are available as pdf files. 

  1. Download leaflet in Arabic

  2. Download leaflet in English

  3. Download leaflet in Farsi

  4. Download leaflet in Gujarati

  5. Download leaflet in Punjabi

  6. Download leaflet in Urdu

  7. Download leaflet in Turkish

More "Genetics" papers



  1. Latest research on Fragile X and implications for the future
  2. A qualitative study to explore the experiences of families receiving diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome.
  3. Parents’ initial experience and emotions during Fragile X
  4. Syndrome diagnosis
  5. The genetics of Fragile X and their impact and implications for families
  6. The genetics of Fragile X
  7. Fragile X – its impact on families and the genetic implications for the wider family
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