Fragile X Syndrome Awareness Day, 10th October

This Awareness Day was our biggest and best yet!


10th October was Fragile X Syndrome Awareness Day! We were spreading the message that Fragile X  is the leading inherited cause of learning disabilities and single gene cause of autism, yet many people’s needs are being missed, misdiagnosed or misunderstood as a result of lack of recognition or understanding. Raising awareness is so important to help make sure that people and their families get the recognition and support they deserve. 


The theme of this year's awareness day was #fragileXtraordinary. People affected by Fragile X may face challenges, but we want to celebrate the ways in which people face or overcome that, no matter how big or small. We came up with the idea of the hash tag so that people could share their experiences - whether it is overcoming a fear, saying a first word or sign, finding work, sharing that their loved one with Fragile X is extraordinary or helping to raise awareness of the condition. You can find our posts via our facebook page or via #fragileXtraordinary on twitter


We also hosted a series of flash mobs across the UK, in shopping centres and train stations, to raise awareness. Here is our one in Cardiff!



European Fragile X Awareness Day was supported by all members of the European Fragile X Network, which represents 15 countries and around 5,000 families living with the condition across Europe.


We need your help! 


You can still make an extraordinary difference by donating to the Fragile X Society to ensure that people with Fragile X and their families get the support and recognition they need to reach their full #fragileXtraordinary potential: 


Text "FRAX10 £5" to 70070


(or you can choose other amounts up to £10!)


Thank you!