Fragile X Q&A event: Saturday 10th October 2020

The next year is probably going to be one of the most important ever for you as members of the Fragile X community.  Covid 19 has had a dramatic impact on everyone’s lives affecting education, jobs, care provision and access to essential medical and social services. Under normal circumstances we would be meeting together at a national Conference, sharing our stories and bonding together in a mutually supportive way. This is no longer possible.


We now have to adapt. We need to get used to supporting each other online and through social media. With this thought in mind, on:


Saturday 10th October at 10:00 am

we will be holding an online question and answer session with a panel of Fragile X specialists including Dr Andrew Stanfield and Dr Hayley Crawford. This event will coincide with Fragile X Awareness Day and as well as giving you useful updates and information, I will be telling you about a series of videos that we will be launching over the autumn and winter period and giving details of our plans for the Society for 2021.



I look forward to meeting with you ‘virtually’ in just over two weeks’ time.

Pete Richardson

Managing Director

* please note we can answer general questions about Fragile X and associated conditions but we will not be able to respond to individuals' situations.


If you are able to attend, please register using the form below and you will have the opportunity to ask me and our experts questions on the day. *


I do realise, though,  that not everyone will be available, so if you can’t make it please do send in your questions now using the same link. I will make sure that as far as is possible they are answered. A video of the event will  be made available for you afterwards and uploaded onto our website.

Register for our online Q&A event on
10th October 2020 at 10am

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