Behaviour and Cognition (Intellectual Functioning)


Information about behaviour is always in great demand from families where there are one or more children or adults with Fragile X.


It is possible to download two papers covering behaviour issues below, but as there are some 40 papers in this section, the most up to date list of all these papers can be found in our Publications List and Order Form

Example of a reactive strategy for managing challenging behaviour

Challenging behaviour may be one of the biggest tests facing those who care for people affected by Fragile X. This document has kindly been provided by a family and was written for them by a clinical psychologist, Margaret Harlin from NHS Grampian, and her various assistants and colleagues. This strategy was written as a way of managing challenging behaviour in the least restrictive way possible. The focus of the strategy is avoiding challenging behaviour, as a priority. The strategy includes different options for different levels of behaviour and for different locations.The family found the strategy to be extremely useful and it may provide some helpful tips for managing behaviour. However, talk to your own professional (social worker, doctor or psychologist) before using it as it will be different for every individual to greater or lesser extents. No two individuals are identical, but this may be a good starting point for you if you are without support or haven’t thought about this sort of tool. Our Families and Professionals Advisors will also be able to give you further advice on managing challenging behaviours

by Wendy Bowler. Precis of talk (as relating to children) by Dr Marcia Braden at the Conference 2010. Newsletter No 53 October – November 2010. Full Power Point available.

Fragile X behaviour: Reducing the undesirable and enhancing the desirable

by Professor Jeremy Turk. Conference May 2001

The full list of the many papers covering "Behaviour and Cognition" can be found in the Publications List.

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